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The white island where never rains, land of conquest, the magic island, refuge for pirates and witches. In the 30´s, the island was named by a group of intellectuals and artists (Joan Miro, Rafael Alberti, Walter Benjamin, Gropius, Le Corbusier...) as" the utopia-island". 

During the Franco period, Ibiza was re-named as "the refuge-island", later on, the island became the hippies´s paradise, and a important creative centre.  

The island welcomes you, offering you relax. Here in the island we enjoy a lighter way of life, loosing the current sense of time, where everyone can find their own rhythm. Without time, without duties or obligations, without limits, you are able to live a dream-like life but all the same a real life.

We organize your event in Ibiza: private parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, company parties, the launch of a product, fashion shows, inaugurations...

We provide you everything necessary for video, television, cinema or advertising production: casting, locations, hairdresser´s, stylists, set designers, etc.

Also we can help you if you are looking for a house, an apartment, hotel booking, a restaurant, a table in a prive...

We are experts, well aware of all the best places on the island of Ibiza.