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Commercial Events

We launch your product, book, record, fashion collection,etc.


As you know, the launch of any kind of product needs to be done spectacularly to enliven the event and at the same time to influence the participants with an effect of registration and intention of acquiring the product that has been shown. But not because of this, the event should renunce to the elegance and functionality, in fact, we are proposing  you the most effective launch for your product.

 We select spaces adapted to your event, and can use your advertising material or we can create it ourselves from your corporative image: videos, slides, advertising posters, gadges, company´s presents, etc.

Also, we can provide you: hostesses, create presentation´folders, and deal with the media.


 We find the most appropiate space for the launch of your product, also we´ll set the videos, slides, photos, posters and the necessary decoration.

 We take care of everything necessary for the performance( in the event of records) or the launch( in the event of books).

 We provide dancers or entertainers.

 We create the launch´s folders( with all the detailed information) and deal with the media.


 We deal with development of your inauguration, from the decoration, the catering, the transport and the accommodation, up to the invitations, hostesses, eventual performances, and everything related to the media, press´ folders and public relations who guarantee the success of your event.


 We have suitable spaces, both interior and exteriors, we deal with the hairdresser´s and make up, dressing rooms and all the necessary logistics.

 We provide catwalks, tents, seats, etc. And, of course, we deal with the models, hostesses and presenters.

 And just like in all our events, we take charge ofthe pressoffice, guaranteeing as much diffusion as possible in the local, national and international media. Depending on the necessary scope for each company.